Formulas For Simple Interest and Compound Interest


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Simple interest and compound interest are difficult concepts to understand if you have never learned them before. There are many different video tutors that teach these concepts but not all can communicate the lesson the best way possible. In this video course you will learn what interest is, what the different types of interest are, and how they are used. You will also learn about compound interest and what it is used for. You will be taught how to answer compound and simple interest problems faster so you can save time. The course also details the difference between compound and simple interest and what they apply to.

This video course will prepare you for examinations such as SBI, IBPS,RRB, and SO. These examinations are very rigorous and should not be taken without learning the concepts first. The concepts of simple interest and compound interest are crucial to be able to do well on these very difficult exams. Simple interest and Compound Interest are concepts that are not to be taken lightly and this video course will give you the knowledge you need to fully understand the concepts

The Tubeguru teaches many concepts like this and is very experienced in this area. The gurus are Gupreet Sir and Rajveer Sir who are both highly experienced in the field of mathematics. Rajveer Sir has been teaching for over five years and currently teaches in the city of Jaipur. He is very experienced in the fields of compound and simple interest. Gupreet Sir not only understands the field of mathematics but also english, reasoning, and many others. Tube guru has ample resources for you to be understand difficult concepts that you normally wouldnt be able to understand. If you are struggling to understand difficult concepts you should visit their video course to learn more.


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