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Thank you for visiting Greenwala


Thank you for visiting Greenwala (Wala is a word used in parts of Asia that means “person”). Greenwala has been described as a company that is a Conscious Collective. We are focused on harnessing the power of a community to create opportunities for people to “Go Green” and improve their lives. Every individual has the power to foster change and we want you to help bring about the change that we are seeking in our communities both online and offline.

Greenwala founder and Chief Wala, Rajeev Kapur founded Greenwala in early 2008 because he believes that huge change is not only needed but can be brought across the world in a very short amount of time, if people were provided a platform to share their stories, have access to resources and programs that enable them to take action. The main objective is to provide you with content, and opportunities to learn how going green can help you save money and be more efficient.

We encourage open and free flowing dialogue – Green…Your Way. We encourage you to share your voice with us by blogging and commenting on articles written by fellow community members. You can take action via our petition system, ask and answer questions, shop from thousands of green eco products, participate in groups or simply view/upload your event. Come back often to participate in our fun contest for causes platform that not just our partners but also causes that we feel embrace the passion of the community.

All of this interaction is rewarded using our unique points system that will help fund socially responsible programs and may qualify you for some surprise prizes at the end of every month!

We want you to become a member. To get you started, you will get 1500 points. Have some questions before you join? Please watch the welcome video or visit our FAQ page to learn more. Feel free to contact us at info[at]greenwala.com if we can help in anyway.