The Hardest Sports in the World


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Determining the hardest sport in the world is certainly a challenge. This is because there are a lot of factors, criteria, and characteristics involved in comparing sports. Some sports rely on players’ endurance and sheer strength, while other sports depend on speed, flexibility, and precise movements. Some sports entail much pain for the practitioner, while others involve high risk of physical injuries.

Given the wide variety of factors to rank different sports, it would be difficult to come up with an accurate list, but listed below are some sports that are among the most physically demanding.

  • Swimming – In competitive swimming, the athletes’ legs and upper body are in constant hard drive from the start of the race to the very end. Rapidly moving in water would require top swimmers to have beyond average cardiovascular endurance.
  • Ice Hockey – Playing and moving fast on ice requires a certain amount of precision and grace. Combine this maneuvering with the sheer strength requirements of going against players that hit one another hard during the game. Ice hockey is also potentially dangerous because every player in game is wearing steel blades.
  • Gymnastics – All gymnastic events require a combination of perfectly-executed moves that involve a lot of reflex and physical grit. To execute the precise and difficult body maneuvers, gymnasts undergo years of grueling training and preparation.
  • Rugby – Rugby is a contact sport that pits the strengths of players against one another. Players must endure knockdowns and massive hits from opponents for a good part of 80 minutes. Unlike in American football, rugby players do not wear helmets and body armor, making it potentially more dangerous. Professional rugby players are strong and heavy, but still very quick and agile athletes.
  • Mixed Martial Arts – Mixed martial arts or MMA is rapidly growing in popularity across the globe. MMA athletes come from a variety of fighting and grappling backgrounds. An MMA match will feature a wide variety of striking and grappling techniques that have the potential to cause injuries.

All sports played at the highest levels are physically demanding and involve a lot of skills and maneuvering. To reach the top tiers, athletes must also put in years of hard work and practice. Every athlete is also potentially at risk of career-ending or even life-threatening injuries. Given all of these factors, it is not surprising that top professional athletes are paid so much to play in the major leagues and tournaments.Visit adthenet tv to learn more about different sports.

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