Tips for Staying Out of Trouble if You Are Suspected of DUI


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Every day, countless people are stopped and arrested for DUI, likely saving many, many lives. Police
officers are tasked with patrolling the roads and staying on the lookout for anyone suspected of
breaking the law, specifically DUI offenders. Here are some smart tips designed to keep you out of
major trouble if you are ever suspected of a DUI offense.


Know the Legal Limit

First things first; prior to getting into your car, you should be at what the legal blood alcohol level is.
If you know the limit, then it should be easy for you to calculate approximately how much you can
drink, depending on your weight and sex. If you know that you can have approximately four drinks
before becoming intoxicated, dont push things to the maximum. Try to have no more than one or
two drinks and give your body time to break the alcohol down prior to driving. A lot of people know
that they are impaired but think that they are still okay to drive, which can be a potentially fatal
Immediately Contact a Lawyer

In the event that you are pulled over for a DUI, you should already have a competent attorney on
speed dial. Things can happen quickly from a legal perspective if you are arrested for DUI. You might
be booked, charged, and even arraigned soon after being arrested. Know these six DUI mistakes to
avoid and wait to make any statements until you have legal representation. You might think that youcan progress on your own, but the hours immediately after a DUI arrest are critical. A trained lawyer
can even meet you down at the police station to help guide you until you are released.
Failing to Remain Silent

When citizens are read their Miranda rights, they hear the words, ;You have the right to remain
silent; Unfortunately, many people suspected and subsequently arrested for DUI fail to do that. Of
course, those who are actually heavily inebriated might have a hard time understanding their rights
at the time of detainment, but remaining silent is critical for preserving your legal rights later on in
court. Law enforcement might attempt to engage you in seemingly harmless conversation, but the
fact of the matter is that they really can and will use anything that you say against you, if it can be
construed as being incriminating. Dont say anything unless you absolutely have to.
Remember that being suspected of a DUI offense doesnt for certain mean that you are actually
intoxicated. People get pulled over for suspicion of DUI all the time as a result of driving while tired,
being on prescription medications, or simply because they have issues with balance and
coordination. If you are intent on not letting a DUI arrest disrupt your life, you have got to take heed
of these tips for staying out of trouble. Not all interactions go the same way, so prepare yourself
with this knowledge, remain calm during the stop, and know where to turn if the situation escalates.

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